With internet being more accessible to our everyday life, I can basically use the unlimited resources found on the web to learn new technologies and computer programming on different areas. Few years ago I decided to start learning how to create a website from scratch and taught myself HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and MySQL. Later, I created few websites just for fun and also as a way to solidify what I have learned.

During my learning journey, I went through different books and websites that offer tutorials in different topics. As I have said earlier, there is unlimited number of sites offering excellent tutorials on everything you can imagine. All you need to do is to dedicate your time and put a little effort to find them. The best thing of all is, these tutorials are completely free! These individuals have given their time, money and resources to help the next person who might need one.

That said, I will document and share all the projects and technology news that I am working on on regular basis. I will cover different areas like web development, Android app development and other tech news. This is my way of giving back what I have learned (still learning) from other people.

Also, I will publish all my released Android Apps so that you can be the first one to know and grab from the market.

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