Home Buying Checklist App- Create, Compare House Features and More

Introducing Home Buying Checklist App, a free Android app for anyone who is looking to buy house. As a new home buyer, one of the challenge I faced when I was looking to buy a house was, I did not have a way to create one master checklist for all open houses I visited.

Create house feature list using home buying checklist app
Main App Functions

Who is Home Buying Checklist App For?

The Home Buying Checklist app is for anyone, especially first time home buyers who are looking to buy a house.  You can create the list of features and amenities you want or need in a house.

Once created, your master checklist can be compared against features and amenities of any house you are interested in. This makes house hunting more efficient and helps anyone who’s in the market to buy a new house find a house of his or her dream.

Why is Home Buying Checklist App Important?

One of the early step in to buying a house most real estate experts recommend is to have a list of wants and needs in a house. Home Buying Checklist App do just that and MORE like,

  • You can create a house shortlist you are interested in.
  • Each house in your shortlist is associated with the same checklist.
  • Compare each house in your shortlist against the checklist.
  • Add a question you might have respectively in your shortlist.

Get Checklist App and Create House Feature List Today

Like all my personal tool apps I have created before, this app is free and available to download from Google play today. New first time home buyer, current home owner or previous home owner, this app is for you.

My goal is to make this app the best, so please do not hesitate to give your honest feedback. I have few more ideas what I can improve to make it better but I would like to hear from you too. Also, I will appreciate if you take a minute to rate it too.

Please download the app today and I guarantee you that it will be a great tool during the whole home buying process. It is an overwhelming experience and I wish you nothing but best of luck so that you can find your Dream Home. Good luck!

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Mobile App Idea Move In Special – Current and Future Renters

This mobile app idea will let current renters who live in an apartment connect and refer anyone who plans to rent the same apartment and share move-in special monetary reward accordingly.

How I Came Up With This Mobile App Idea?

A while back I was able to make a total of $900 by referring two people I knew to rent where I was staying. I made $600 from a friend of mine and $300 from someone I knew after giving him half the amount. 

At the time, the property manager was running a move in special giving away $600 any referral from current residents. T this date, there is no any mobile app that I know of that connect current resident and future ones.

Every month, people move in and out where you live and most of them are not your friend or people you know. So, what if there is a way to connect with those people and make money on the other end? After all, they will probably be your neighbor.

App Main Features

Communication needs to be this app’s main feature. It will make the whole process much easier without sharing too much personal information. The only downside I see is, in order to receive the credit, current resident needs to share his or her first name so that future resident can mention on first visit.

Also, in order to find current residents who are are willing participate, future residents can share top 3 apartment choices in their list . Future residents will also be able to get a real time review about the property in addition to online ones.

How to Monetize Mobile App

The easiest way to monetize mobile app idea is to make it free and place ads from ad networks. This mobile app idea is no different from many free apps on Google Play or Apple Store. That is only one approach. On the other hand, this mobile app idea will be a win-win situation for all parts involved because users will be able to make money.

Can You Steal This Mobile App Idea?

Stealing app idea is not something that happens often. Most people don’t share their app idea unless the second part agrees to sign an NDA. For this one, you can take and run with it. With no action, it is useless. If you work on it and make a fortune, please remember me!

Good luck and I am curious to hear from those who have developed.

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Don’t Shoot the Pig – LibGdx Framework Game

Don’t Shoot the Pig is a simple and fun Android game available on Google Play for free. The game has three levels, Easy, Normal and Hard. Each level has its own challenges that may seem easy but also can be difficult to overcome.

don't shoot the pig
Don’t Shoot the Pig

Don’t Shoot the Pig – How to Play

– The animal face targets will be moving every second or less. Animal targets in Don’t Shoot the Pig include Pig as the main character, bunny, puppy, cow and a cat. To play the game, just tap anywhere on the screen to shoot. If you wait too long before you shoot, the bullet will have no effect once the target moves.

Don’t Shoot the Pig Video

Game Levels

Easy Level

– This is the entry level. You can shoot any animal target except the Pig. Each animal you shoot is 1 point. To unlock or advance to normal level, you will need at least 100 points in this level.

Normal Level

– Normal level is a little bit harder than Easy level. To play, you can shoot any animal target except Pig and Bunny. Each animal target you shoot worthy 2 points. You need 200 points to advance to the next level.

Hard Level

– To segregate your targets in this level becomes very limited and challenging. In other words, it is below 50%. You can only shoot 2 animals out of 5. You cannot shoot a Pig, Bunny or a Puppy. Each animal you shoot is 3 points.

I hope you will enjoy the game!

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Peer to Peer Lending and Personal Loans

Peer to peer lending abbreviated P2P lending or personal loans is a very common practice in almost every society. There are many online lending sites that offer borrowers loan seekers with bad credit or no credit at all. The peer to peer lending sites run loan seeker’s credit report before loaning the money to the person seeking the loan.

The same is not true if the person who is seeking a personal loan is a friend, coworker, family member, or school mate. What I mean by that is, what if the person who wants to borrow money from you is your friend, family member, coworker or fellow student? Can you run his or her credit report before loaning him or her? The answer is more likely to be no. There’s no way to know if the person has a bad credit.

If the answer is no, is there a simple way to know if he or she owes money from other people? Again, it is difficult to get that information. Most of the time you will take their word that they will pay you back. So, the question is, is there a way to check if a friend, family member, coworker or fellow student owes money to someone else before loaning him or her? The answer is yes, Yomm Android app.

Peer to Peer Lending – Credit Check App

peer to peer lending
Peer to peer lending

Yomm is a free credit check app available on Google Play. As a personal loan management app, Yomm lets user keep track of all their personal loans from friends, family, coworker and fellow students. With this app, you can add as many personal loans and keep track each time you make a payment. Also, if you have any debts, you can add all your debts too. “What’s great about Yomm?”, you may ask. One great feature about this app is, it has a search tool that lets users search the names of those who have defaulted on their personal loans. It is a credit check app, in a way.

Here is a scenario that’s not far from real life. Lets say you have a friend or coworker who wants to borrow money from you. This friend or coworker has borrowed money from your other friend or coworker before and did not pay back. The question is, how would you know that your friend who wants to borrow money from you has never paid back his or her previous personal loan? You cannot check or run his or her credit report, right?

credit check app
Credit check app

The credit check app Yomm is your solution. With the app, you can publish limited information of any person who defaulted on the money you have loaned them. This information will be available to any user if they do search the name. That information will be very crucial in making your decision to anyone who wants to borrow money from you. I hope you will like the app. Do not hesitate to add any comments or suggestion on how to improve the app. If you like the app please rate 5. Thank you!

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Yomm Android App – Person to Person Credit Check App

Introducing Yomm Android app, a free Android app available today on Google Play. You can use this app to organize all your loans in one place and keep track of all payments you receive from your borrowers. All this information is saved locally in your phone. At any point, if one loan goes bad, you will be able to publish. You are not obligated to do this. If you think it is the right thing to do and you believe that you will help someone else avoid what you went through, it is totally up to you.

yomm android App
Yomm Android App

Don’t be the next victim! Do you know anyone who has borrowed money from you or your friends and never pay back? What about a family member or a co worker? You probably do and you are nor alone. We all do. It happens every single day. The sad part is, by the time you find out, you do in a hard way and it is too late. You are a victim already. Your friendship and trust all gone. If that’s not enough, you may end up loosing more money in legal fees if you decided to fight in court.

So, what if there is a way you can check if a person has outstanding personal debts before you loan money to anyone? Isn’t that what banks, landlords and other businesses do? Now you can. That’s the reason I came up with this person to person credit check app.

What is Cool About Yomm Android App?

The coolest thing about Yomm android app is the ability for any user to search published bad loans. This information will help individuals and small business owner make smart decisions before doing business with other individuals who have failed to fulfill their previous personal commitment with other people or businesses.

yomm android App
Yomm Android App

What Else Can Yomm Android App Do?

Soon, Yomm android app can also help small business keep track in some ways depending on the type of business. For example, sometimes a shopper at a small neighbourhood shop can ask for a mechandise and promise to pay later. This practice is very common all around the world. With the help of Yomm, a shopkeeper can keep track of all the customers who have promised to pay later.

Another group of small business owners who can benefit from Yomm app is landlords. Landlords can create account for each renter and use Yomm to keep track of rent payments from renters. This information can be accessed later on for review or any other use.

Added Bonus for Yomm App Users

Other than being a personal loan manager app, Yomm will let you organize your debts from other people. You can add all the debts you owe to other people as well as keep track of all payments you have made to them.

Initially, Yomm android app idea was born after being in that situation myself. Not once, or
twice. Three times. The people who did this were very close to me. I trusted
them and they were like family but proved me wrong. I was a victim and did not
want to take legal avenue. I gave up silently and promise myself to come up with
a solution to this huge problem that we all face everyday.

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Job Application Manager Android App – Your Job Application Status At Your Fingertip

Job Application Manager Android app is a free must have job application organizer for all job seekers who are actively looking for jobs. Job search and sending in application is a time consuming process and very stressful.

To most job seekers, after applying for a job, the waiting game starts with a million questions going through their mind. Here are some of the questions:

  • How many people have applied for this job?
  • With this many applicants do I have a chance?
  • Has anyone got called in for interview?
  • How do I prepare for the interview?
  • Has anyone received a job offer for this position?
  • Has anyone accepted a job offer for this position?
job application manager
Job Application Manager

Those are just few questions that bring stress and anxiety level high especially when a job seeker is desperately looking for a job. This app, the Job Application Manager that anyone can get from Google Play for free is going to address some of these question.

Why Download Job Application Manager Android App?

The name, job application manager android app speaks for itself. It is a job application organizer app that can help any job seeker manage or organize his or her job applications in a very simple way.

By installing job application manager app in your android phone or tablet, you will be able to get answers to some of the questions we all have after sending in job applications. Here are some of the this you will be able to do with the app.

  • Shows the total number of applicants who have applied for the same position.
  • You can update your application progress along the way for this position.
  • View other applicants’ application progress for the same position.
  • Rate and share your experience every time you have a job interview
  • Update your application progress if you receive a job offer.
  • See if any other applicants have received and/or have accepted a job offer.
  • Most of all, you can reduce your stress and anxiety level during this time.
job application manager status
Job Application Manager Status

Job application manager app will be able to answer most of the questions or lack of communication most job seeker are looking for. So if you are actively looking for a new job, job application manager app is the app to get today.

Organize all your job applications in one place and fill some communication gap between a job seeker and prospect employer. Also, the cool part about job application manager app is, you can encourage applicants during this time.

Again, if you are actively looking for a new job, download Job Application Manager app today to help you organize all your job applications.

Good luck in your job search.

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Dumb Cats Android Game – Free Fun Android Game

Dumb Cats android game is a fun for everyone and it is available on Google Play for free. It is a “one level beat your high score” type of a game. This cats game is simple but annoying that I have developed using a very popular LibGdx framework.

On my last post on Libgdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook book review, I hinted that I was working on a game. By the way, this book came at the right time and was an important resource during my final development stage.

dumb cats android game
Dumb Cats

How to  Play Dumb Cats Android Game

The idea behind Dumb Cats android game is to make sure each falling cat lands on its four feet. To rotate the cat, the player needs to tap the screen. If the cat is not on its four feet by the time it reaches the zebra crossing, the game ends. At this point you will be able to see if you beat your old high score.

Here’s a sneak peak video on how to play the game.


Dumb Cats Android Game in Action

As I said, Dumb Cats android game is simple, annoying, hard and irritating. Beside all those challenges, everyone will have fun playing the game. After playing several times, you will soon realize that it is very hard to beat your last score. Different strategies like tap speed, quick to restrain from taping plus whatever skills you might have might help improve your score in a long run.

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LibGdx Game Development – Book Review

LibGdx Game Development LibGdx Game Development[/caption]

Few weeks ago I was excited after receiving a free copy of “LibGdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook” from Packt Publishing to review. Written by David S. Marquez and Alberto C Sanchez, they both seem to have a very good understanding of LibGdx framework. What made me so excited is the fact that, the timing was just perfect. At the time, I was working on my second LibGdx game that will ready for release in few days. I will give more details about the game but for today, let me say why this book helped me so much on the game I am working on.

I have read few other books on LibGdx game development plus online tutorials but what stands out the most in this book is its structure. The book cover more than seventy five real examples recipes that can help you understand each topic very well and be a master in 2D game development using LibGdx framework. If that’s not enough, you can literally implement some of those recipe’s concepts into your game.

One area I was struggling with in my current game that I am working on is 2D animation. The book covers this topic in a simple to understand approach. It does make a novice or experienced developer who is trying LibGdx for the first time feel confidence enough to work on his/her own game project. Both authors have done a really good job on each recipe/topic.

2D animation is not the only recipe that is covered in depth in this book. If that is the case, it will be silly for me to waste my time as well as yours writing about it. With 576 pages, the book has 13 chapters, where 12 of them cover each and every aspect of game development using LibGdx framework. Other recipes covered by this book are working with 2D graphics, font rendering, different inputs and events handling, audio and sound, use interfaces, performance and optimizations, and integrating third-party libraries with LibGdx, just to name a few.

I really like the way both authors end this book. The last chapter which cover the most critical topic after all your hard work talks about how to release your game to different platforms. LibGdx support different platforms that’s why it is becoming very popular to newbie and experienced game developers. If you are looking for a LibGdx book, “LibGdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook” is the one to get. It is one complete book that covers from how to set your LibGdx game development environment to how to release your game on different platforms. The book is available in both hardcover and digital format.

Till next time, good luck in your current or next project. In the meanwhile, stay tuned to my about to release LibGdx game.

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Libgdx Framework Mobile Game Development

Libgdx framework is one of the best game development framework that is easy to learn for any mobile game developer. Using Libgdx framework, you can develop games for different platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Mac, Linux or HTML5. The main idea behind Libgdx framework is develop once, deploy to many. After being sold on Libgdx game development approach, a while ago, I released a game on Android platform called Muddy Candy that is available for free on Google Play. It took me less than two months to learn from Libgdx tutorials on YouTube plus other online resources which helped me release my first game totally based on Libgdx framework.

libgdx framework game
Muddy Candy LibGdx Framework game

Why Libgdx Framework

As a developer, I have tried to find app or game development tools that will make my life easier. For me, I believe Libgdx framework meet that requirement that I am looking for. With that said, here are the few benefits that Libgdx packed with. First and far most is the ability to develop once and deploy to different platforms namely Android, iOS, desktop and HTML5. Both 2D and 3D is supported by Libgdx. If you have a complicated game idea that needs some physics engine, Libgdx and Box2D engine integrate very easily. Game user interface is another area that Libgdx has seamlessly made easy for developer. With a few lines of code, you can use Scene2D in your game with no hassle.

Best Libgdx Book

Another resource that helped me fully understand Libgdx framework and the structure behind it is a book I bought from Amazon, Learning Libgdx Game Development by Andreas Oehlke. I don’t know about you, but for me, I got to have a book in my hands, the old school way. Yes, there are so many Libgdx tutorials online but at the end of the day, you need to have at least one reference book that covers every Libgdx framework aspect.

best libgdx book
Learning Libgdx Game Development

I believe this is the best Libgdx book because it is loaded with everything you want to know about Libgdx game development. The book is packed with simple to understand concepts that will help you fully develop Libgdx game in no time. One of the key high point in this book is a sample Libgdx game the author has developed that will show you how Libgdx framework connect all game pieces together. The source code is included as well. I will not say much about the book but I will let you read for yourself what everyone else has to say. I will definately recommend this book to any game developer or anyone who wants to learn Libgdx

My Next Libgdx Game

After releasing my first game Muddy Candy which is totally based on Libgdx framework and available here for free, I am now working on my next one. As I am getting comfortable, this next game too will be fully developed using Libgdx framework. I am not sure if I will intergrate with Box2D but the chances are, I will. On the other hand, I will be using Scene2D for the game user inteface.

With that said, I cannot reveal anything yet about the game but one thing I can say is, the game will be similar to Muddy Candy with one main character. The game will be easy to play but challenging as far as score is concerned. I will throw in some funny behaviour just to make it more fun to everyone. So, stay tune and I will have an update in the near future.

Also, I am thinking of putting together simple Libgdx game tutorial samples. It might be some short Libgdx tutorial on how to do animation or using Libgdx texture packer, or anything else. I am not sure when I will have time to do it, but this is something that has crossed my mind.

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Muddy Candy Android Game – Free Candy Game

Muddy Candy Android game was totally developed using LibGdx platform. The game can be downloaded for free from Google play with no country restrictions.

Muddy Candy Game
Muddy Candy Game

Why LibGdx?

LibGdx is a cross-platform game development platform. It can be used to develop games for Android, iOS, HTML5, and desktop as target platforms. I have found LibGdx to be a very easy and straight forward platform for everyone who wants to develop android game.

Also, if you have been using other game engines, you will not be disappointed by LibGdx. Another reason why I like LibGdx is, you can develop 2D or 3D games and its ability to integrate with other game physic like Box2D and Scene2D for game user interface.

Other great benefits of using LibGdx platform is its ability to integrate with third party services. Admob, Google Mobile Ads, Swarm and Google Play Game Services integrate seamlessly.

How to Play Muddy Candy Android Game

The idea behind Muddy Candy Android game is to collect candies by tapping it before it is halfway immersed in the mud. There are regular candies that worth 1 point, super sweet candies that worth 2 points, bitter and hot candies that worth -1 and -2 point/s if collected.

Muddy Candy has 4 levels namely Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. For “Easy” play level, if you miss 10 percent of the candy, you lose the game. In other words, if you successfully earn 11 points and missed 2 points, you lose the game.

Subsequently, for “Normal” play level is 5 percent, “Hard” play level is 1 percent and “Expert” play level is 0 percent. You miss one, you lose. The game also save player’s high scores for each level. The scores are saved locally and can be accessed from the game’s main menu.

Muddy Candy Android Game - High Score Screen
High Score

This is my second game released in the last 4 months. In February I released a quiz game, Freeway Quiz that let a player name major freeways/highways that connect cities in USA.

Download Muddy Candy Android game from Google Play today and let me know what you think. I am not LibGdx expert but if you have a question, I can try to help you. I can answer your questions or point you to the resources I have used to develop this game.

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