Yomm Android App – Person to Person Credit Check App

Introducing Yomm Android app, a free Android app available today on Google Play. You can use this app to organize all your loans in one place and keep track of all payments you receive from your borrowers. All this information is saved locally in your phone. At any point, if one loan goes bad, you will be able to publish. You are not obligated to do this. If you think it is the right thing to do and you believe that you will help someone else avoid what you went through, it is totally up to you.

yomm android App
Yomm Android App

Don’t be the next victim! Do you know anyone who has borrowed money from you or your friends and never pay back? What about a family member or a co worker? You probably do and you are nor alone. We all do. It happens every single day. The sad part is, by the time you find out, you do in a hard way and it is too late. You are a victim already. Your friendship and trust all gone. If that’s not enough, you may end up loosing more money in legal fees if you decided to fight in court.

So, what if there is a way you can check if a person has outstanding personal debts before you loan money to anyone? Isn’t that what banks, landlords and other businesses do? Now you can. That’s the reason I came up with this person to person credit check app.

What is Cool About Yomm Android App?

The coolest thing about Yomm android app is the ability for any user to search published bad loans. This information will help individuals and small business owner make smart decisions before doing business with other individuals who have failed to fulfill their previous personal commitment with other people or businesses.

yomm android App
Yomm Android App

What Else Can Yomm Android App Do?

Soon, Yomm android app can also help small business keep track in some ways depending on the type of business. For example, sometimes a shopper at a small neighbourhood shop can ask for a mechandise and promise to pay later. This practice is very common all around the world. With the help of Yomm, a shopkeeper can keep track of all the customers who have promised to pay later.

Another group of small business owners who can benefit from Yomm app is landlords. Landlords can create account for each renter and use Yomm to keep track of rent payments from renters. This information can be accessed later on for review or any other use.

Added Bonus for Yomm App Users

Other than being a personal loan manager app, Yomm will let you organize your debts from other people. You can add all the debts you owe to other people as well as keep track of all payments you have made to them.

Initially, Yomm android app idea was born after being in that situation myself. Not once, or
twice. Three times. The people who did this were very close to me. I trusted
them and they were like family but proved me wrong. I was a victim and did not
want to take legal avenue. I gave up silently and promise myself to come up with
a solution to this huge problem that we all face everyday.

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