Unit Price Calculator Android App

Do you want to save money on standard package item, mega package item or any other item you purchase? To get a good deal and save some money, you need to know how much you are paying per unit. That’s a reason I have created Unit Price Calculator.

unit price calculator
Compare unit price

This app will help you calculate price per unit for every item. You can also calculate price per 1 item if the items are in bulk. For example, you can calculate price for one toilet paper roll in a 6, 12, 18, 24 or any other quantity in one package. Doing so will help you know which bundle offer the best price for your money so that you can save on your daily purchases.

What can you do with Unit Price Calculator Android app?

– You can compare unit price for up to four items
– You can save item’s name, size, price, and store name for later reference
– You can create shopping list and save it on your phone
– You can save a lot of MONEY!

Unit price calculator is available in more than one language. To this date, this app is also available in Spanish, Italian and France. I am working to add more languages like Germany, Portuguese and many more depending on demand. Also, if you think Unit price calculator can be beneficial to you and would like it to be translated to your native language, please do not hesitate to let me know.

If you would like more features added to the app, remove something or you experience any kind of a bug or error, you can always leave a comment or send me an email and I guarantee you that I will work on it as soon as time permit. This will make your experience more friendly.

Last but not least, I will appreciate if you will take few seconds to rate the app. This will help me get your honest opinion about the app and if it is working for you. Personally, I use this app whenever I go to the store.

My Personal Experience

The other day I went to get toilet paper from a local store. I had to make a decision between a 12 or 24 package on my two favorite brands. Using Unit Price Calculator app, I was able to compare all four items at once and able to save more than 14 cents per roll. If it was not for this app, I could easily waste more than $1.50 on just this one item. Can you imagine how much money you can save using an app like this on your daily or weekly purchases?

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