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Traffic Officer is a new Android game that is now available for Android user with phones that support android 1.6 to 4.03. Panic is not an option when playing this game. Although the game gives you a real time adrenaline rush, you will need to stay focus to keep all the drivers calm. You can download the game today by visiting this Google Play link!

Game Idea

The traffic stop need to be manned due to bad drivers. Your job as an officer is to direct all cars including emergency vehicles. Try to imagine a police officer who does that when the traffic lights are out on one of the busiest intesection in cities like New York, Chicago, Joburg, Paris, London or any other city. It is not easy! Now it is your turn, go earn your badge! Any mis-step will make drivers angry and cause a chain crash.

How to Play

Like any other traffic stop, the principle is the same, first in, first out or FIFO. That rule ONLY stands when there are no ambulance and/or police car. Your job as an officer is to direct all cars including emergency vehicles. If there are emergency vehicles, you need to direct cars in the following order according to these these scenarios:

– Ambulance + police car followed by FIFO on other cars OR
– Ambulance followed by FIFO on other cars OR
– Police car followed by FIFO on other cars OR
– FIFO if no emergency vehicles.

Traffic Rate – Cars/Min:

Dubai – 30, Nairobi – 32, Sao Paulo – 34, Joburg – 36, Tokyo – 38, Toronto – 40, Barcelona – 42, Paris – 44, London – 46, Chicago – 48, Los Angeles – 50, New York -52.


The rate of traffic is different from one city to another. Some cities have much higher traffic compared to other cities. For example, New York traffic is much higher compared to Nairobi. The game is not timed but to receive a star, you will need to play for atleast 1 minute and score more than 50 percent. You will earn 5 points every time you tap the right car and the highest score will be saved after playing for a minute or more.

What’s Next:

Expect more! The next update will include 6 lanes. It will be more challenging and fun. So stay tuned for that.┬áDon’t forget to rate this app and give us your feedback so that we can improve this game or our other apps that are on the market.

6 Lanes Update:

Now you can play 6 lanes modes after a recent update. It is more fun and challenging than ever before. You will have cross eyes but I am sure you can overcome that without any crashes. Play safe and hope you will enjoy it.

Get Traffic Officer today by visiting Google Play and I guarantee that you will like it!

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  1. Marie Weaver says:

    The game is smooth to play and even easy to understand, I am waiting for the 6 lanes phase in this game because it will increase the difficulty levels which lead to more excitement and rush.

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