Pick a Deal – Customize Deals and Coupons You Receive

I just published a new daily deals Android app, Pick-a-Deal in Google Play this week end.

What is Pick-A-Deal?

Pick-a-Deal is an app that gives power to users by letting them personalize what kind of deals, promotions, or coupons they would like to receive. For example, if a user is interested in buying a new home, she or he will have to subscribe to that channel to receive new houses deals or promo material from realtors who are in the local market as well as financing information from banks. The same apply to other products, services or informational that users might be interested to.

No need to chase deals from one website to another, or have to download apps from different stores or services. The concept is very simple and straight forward. Consumers need to have a say on what and when they want. I believe this is the best approach for both party, namely consumer and business. Consumers will be able to get what they need, when need it and business will be able to timely compete and target the right group. Doing so will lead to a better decision making during the process as well as real competition among businesses.

The other great thing about this app is, user can only subscribe local if she or he choose to. What does this mean? If a user subscribe to local market, she/he will only receive promotional materials from local businesses. The aim is to support local businesses and help grow economy.

If you are a local or nationwide business owner, the app provides a great opportunity to reach your customers who a looking for a specific product that your business offers. With eCommerce, business can promote their products to millions of subscribers in a matter of seconds.

Pick-a-Deal is for everyone. If you are small business owner with a store front, eBay store, eCommerce site or a niche blog that sells a product, Pick-a-Deal is for you. It is affordable to everyone and you reach potential customers right away. Reach millions of customers in a matter of seconds!

Finally, we want to hear from you, users and advertisers. We will hear any idea you might have to improve your experience in order to meet or exceed your expectation.

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