How to Display HTML Content in Android

To display HTML content or browse a website in Android you need to use WebView widget which is packaged in Android WebKit. Depending on your application, you can develop a very powerful app with impressing functionality.

Here’s a simple example on how you can use WebView in your Android application. First, lets create an XML layout that will include a WebView widget.


Now we have our XML layout file with WebView widget. Before we jump into the Java code, we need to know how to display HTML content. There are two ways we can get HTML content into WebView.

  • loadUrl() – takes a web address as a string or a file in the assets folder. Also make sure you add access internet permission in manifest file.
  • loadData() – takes MIME type and the encoding. This will be your text/html file  and the encoding will be the UTF-8 for HTML.

Here is the code that elaborate both ways:

As I mentioned above, remember to add access internet permission in your manifest file to be able to open the website provided in loadUrl() method.

Note, if this was a real application, you will have to decide what method to use or create options with if or case statement otherwise this will not work. Read more from chapter 13 on Beginning Android 2 by Mark Murphy. It is a very easy book to read with full details on how to make a fully functional app using Android WebKit package.

Hope this helps and will give you the answer you were looking for. Good luck!


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Traffic Officer – Road Rage Android Game



Traffic Officer is a new Android game that is now available for Android user with phones that support android 1.6 to 4.03. Panic is not an option when playing this game. Although the game gives you a real time adrenaline rush, you will need to stay focus to keep all the drivers calm. You can download the game today by visiting this Google Play link!

Game Idea

The traffic stop need to be manned due to bad drivers. Your job as an officer is to direct all cars including emergency vehicles. Try to imagine a police officer who does that when the traffic lights are out on one of the busiest intesection in cities like New York, Chicago, Joburg, Paris, London or any other city. It is not easy! Now it is your turn, go earn your badge! Any mis-step will make drivers angry and cause a chain crash.

How to Play

Like any other traffic stop, the principle is the same, first in, first out or FIFO. That rule ONLY stands when there are no ambulance and/or police car. Your job as an officer is to direct all cars including emergency vehicles. If there are emergency vehicles, you need to direct cars in the following order according to these these scenarios:

– Ambulance + police car followed by FIFO on other cars OR
– Ambulance followed by FIFO on other cars OR
– Police car followed by FIFO on other cars OR
– FIFO if no emergency vehicles.

Traffic Rate – Cars/Min:

Dubai – 30, Nairobi – 32, Sao Paulo – 34, Joburg – 36, Tokyo – 38, Toronto – 40, Barcelona – 42, Paris – 44, London – 46, Chicago – 48, Los Angeles – 50, New York -52.


The rate of traffic is different from one city to another. Some cities have much higher traffic compared to other cities. For example, New York traffic is much higher compared to Nairobi. The game is not timed but to receive a star, you will need to play for atleast 1 minute and score more than 50 percent. You will earn 5 points every time you tap the right car and the highest score will be saved after playing for a minute or more.

What’s Next:

Expect more! The next update will include 6 lanes. It will be more challenging and fun. So stay tuned for that. Don’t forget to rate this app and give us your feedback so that we can improve this game or our other apps that are on the market.

6 Lanes Update:

Now you can play 6 lanes modes after a recent update. It is more fun and challenging than ever before. You will have cross eyes but I am sure you can overcome that without any crashes. Play safe and hope you will enjoy it.

Get Traffic Officer today by visiting Google Play and I guarantee that you will like it!

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Accept Credit Cards Payments by iPhone, Android or iPad

Accepting credit card payments by phone is no more an issue to home or small business owners. Wether you have a lemonade stand in front of your house, a product booth in the mall or a vendor at the local flea market, you can easily accept customer credit card payment by iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or any other smart phone. You can literally turn your phone into a cash register. As we all know, getting a merchant account through bank can be a pain and most of the time you will be denied.

To solve this problem, few companies have come up with innovative technology devices and apps that I am sure most payment gateway banks don’t like and probably they are doing everything they could to buy them out. Currently there are more than three companies that offer mobile credit card readers and they can help your business accept credit card payments by phone hassle free. Today I ‘m going talk about one device that I have looked at and seen it in action. I am certain this card reader will be able to meet your home or small business needs.

square card reader for iPhone
Square Credit Card Reader

Square is one of the ( if not the first ) device that made credit card payments by phone possible. The device which is a small card reader that plugs into the phone headphone jack is free and very easy to setup. Depending on your phone, iPhone or Android, you need to download the right app in order to use Square. Once the app is installed, you have to turn up the volume since the device is audio based and once you finish the setup, you can start your transaction by typing in item price followed by swipping the credit card.

As mentioned before, Squarre card reader is free. To get started you need to register at their website,, verify your identity by providing your social security number and personal data. If approved they will send you one credit card reader in the mail. I know you are wondering how does Square makes money by giving away a free card reader? You are absolutely right! The last time I checked their website they had 2.75 percent fee for every transaction you perform with no monthly maintanence fee. That’s not too bad deal compared to traditional merchant account from banks.

The other cool thing about Square which I believe is a way forward is the ability to pay your favorite shops or cafes without carying your credit card. To be able to do that, Square has created a business directory that is accessible to account members and all you have to do is link your credit card with your account. Every time you shop or dine in one of these businesses or cafes, all you have to do is mention your name and the cashier will be able to charge your account without you pulling your credit card..

Now you have it! Wether you have a lemon stand in front of your house, a vendor at a local flea market or a small family business in your neighbor hood, you can easily accept credit card payments by getting a Square card reader. Next time I will introduce another card reader to give you more options. So stay tuned!

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Free Internet Business Ideas – Take Action and Make Money

In the near future, I’m going to share some internet business ideas that will be totally free to you to run with it, take action and make money. These ideas have been close to my heart for sometime now but finally I realize that if I don’t take action, someone else can or will. As we all know, any business idea without action is no business and it means nothing.

Everyday there’s a new internet business that comes to life and everyone especially those people who are looking for a million dollar idea end up shaking their heads. What make these people shake their heads is either the business is a brilliant idea or probably at some point during their “internet business idea search” they had the same idea but never took action because of risk involved or lack of capital to move forward.

With technology and internet changing and reaching more people around the country and around the world, I believe there are still more great internet business ideas that can impact and change the way we live our daily life. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are currently part of our lives from family and friends perspective to our daily work life.

So, if you are interested with any of the ideas that I will present here, take one or all, run with it and make it happen. The only thing I will ask you to do is to acknowledge that the idea came from this website. Also, you can return a favor once you start ripping all the benefits with a small token only if you choose to.

Also, I will encourage you to voice your opinion with constructive discussion from all angles including risk involved, challenges from the ground up, possible channels to monetize the business, and many more business related unforeseen business upkeep. Hope you will enjoy.

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Share Container Space Anywhere – $10 Give Away

Shipping can be very stressful especially when you are doing business or moving internationally. Starting April 23, 2012, ShareNship which is a platform that allow its users to “share container space” by adding their listings will give away $10 to the first 100 users who add new qualified listings. This is just a way of saying thank you to new and many existing users who have joined ShareNship on its official launch this month. In order to qualify, your listing must meet the outlined conditions below.

  • The offer is only valid to 100 qualified listings added on or after April 23, 2012.
  • Only one qualified listing per user is allowed.
  • All new and existing users can participate.
  • The listing should run for 90 days or more to qualify.
  • Any listing added to the system before April 23, 2012 is not qualified.
  • All payments will be made through PayPal.
  • To receive this offer, you need to have a PayPal account.
  • The only email that will be used for transaction is the one used during registration.
  • Listing title must clearly state state or country where you are shipping from and shipping to.
  • Your listing must give clear description of items you intend to ship with no less than 200 words.
  • Any listing that receive poor rating will not qualify but stay in the system.
  • Small business, churches, and non profit organization are excluded from this offer.
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Best Android Books for Application Development

professional android 2
Professional Android 2 Application Development

There’s a lot of best Android books for application development. I will go through some of the books that I have bought since I started developing apps about 2 years ago. Depending on your programming knowledge, most books assume that you have at least programming experience since Android is developed in Java. One thing that I have found after reading each book in my collection is, authors have different strength and style on how they present their materials. So, as a word of caution, do not depend on one book only. Get more than one book so that you can get a combined experience from different authors. Also, these books are not for android game development which is way different from application development.

My very first book was Beginning Android 2. It is an easy to read book even if you have little or no background in Java or any other OOP programming language. Myself, I did not have much work exerience in Java but I was able to pick up the concept within no time. The book provides solid start and covers enough ground to help you jump into coding your first app right away. One thing I was struggling with before buying this book was a way to make a user interact with different app levels known as activities and subactivities. On chapter 17 and 18, the author gave a very simple and easy to follow explanation that I was able to comprehend.

With only less than 400 pages, the book delivers a lot of information on XML base layouts, using references, building content providers, and many other topics with example codes. That is very helpful. I bought this book from Amazon for less that $27 and if the book is on prime list and you are a prime member, shipping is free.

The second book which is also one of my favorite is Professional Android 2 Appication Development. Many people who wants to jump into app development think that they can find everything online. Yes, you can find a lot of tutorials online but the resources lack one thing, organization. You loose a lot of time going from one website to another looking for tutorials and sometimes the contents on those tutorials are not covered in depth.

Diveded into fundamentals and advanced topics, the book is well organized and gives you plenty of sample codes from each chapter so you can practice along the way in order to fully understand the material and the power of android platform. One example that got me going was the to-do list application. The author did a very good job emphasizing the concepts from start to finish and I was able to learn every aspect in that example.

So far, this book has been an excellent resource for me since it touches all features and core of android app development. I bought this book from Amazon because it was cheaper than my local book stores and I got free shipping because I am a prime member.

Like any other product, these two books have some cons too. There are few spelling errors, some code might not run right away (depending on your development evironment), code examples are continuation from previous chapter, to get full code examples, you need to go online, and few other minor shortcomings. To me, the good things I have learned from each book out weigh the few bad errors. As I said earlier, authors have their own way of presenting materials. I don’t pay too much attention into that since I can adopt whatever style is presented to me very easily.

So, if you are new to Android application development, Beginning Android 2 and Professional Android 2 Appication Development are the best Android development books I strongly suggest. These books cover fundamentals and advanced features necessary for developing android applications. Use any of my associate links to Amazon to get your book if this is what you are really want to learn application development today.

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Container Sharing from America to Asia, Africa and Eurrope

share container space
user dashboard for sharenship

Do you want to share a shipping container from America? is a container sharing system that will help you do just that. I went through a great deal of research on all aspects to see if there is something out there and also if there is one, what can I do to come up with something better than that. Finally, I was able to create a container sharing system that will let users share container space. Individuals, small businesses, religious organizations and non profit organizations can benefit greatly by using this system. The service is free and users can share a container from America to India, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and many other destinations

Before I tell you how the idea came about, let me explain how the system works. Let say you want to ship few boxes from America, i.e Houston to Asia, i.e India. Since your boxes will not fill the whole 20ft or 40ft container, also know as less container load or LCL, you will pay more than if you were to pay for full container load or FCL. Using this system, you can invite other people who want to ship to the same destination to share container space. By doing so, everyone involved will be able to cut down their shipping costs and have full control when to ship the items. You read more on how the system works by visiting Sharenship FAQ page.

The idea came about two years ago when one of my friend told me that he was going to ship some items and if I wanted to share container space. At that time I was not ready to ship anything so I had to check with my other friend who ships items more often. Luckily enough, they were able to connect and ship their items. After that moment, the idea was born. I knew that I can come up with the system that anyone who is in the same situation can access and reduce shipping costs. I did a lot of research off and on the internet and find out that it is something that people ask around on their local blogs, forums and media settings.

I hope this will inspire you and keep you motivated to whatever idea you are working on. If you were want to share a container space, you can sign up for a free membership today and start using the service immediately.

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Free English to Swahili App With Audio

English to Swahili with Audio Android App
Learn Swahili Now

It is more than a month now since I have released a free English to Swahili app. This app is way better than my earlier release that happened last year. Most people who downloaded the first app, liked it very much. The only one thing they wish I could improve was to include audio so that they can hear exactly how to pronounce the words in Swahili.

I heard your concern! The new English to Swahili app now includes audio. You can hear exactly how to pronounce Swahili words from a native speaker. The app is totally free and is only available to Android users. Also, the app includes ads that help support my resources and time dedicated on this project. If by any means you do not like the idea of ad supported apps, I have a clean Learn Swahili Pro with the same content that is also on Android market for only $1.49.

What’s next? I am finishing up the next update for both apps and I will release in the near future. More content will be added that will show you how to make short sentences in Swahili so that you can expand on what you have learned so far. Also, if there is something specific you would like to see in this app, please let me know in your comment and I will go through it and work on it in the future updates.

Hope you will like it and don’t forget to rate whichever app you pick.

Download a free Learn Swahili Now with ads or buy Learn Swahili Pro for Android.

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DUI Attorney Finder

DUI Attorney Finder is a new Android app that is available in the Android market today. The app let users access local DUI attorney and law firm name, address, and phone number. The app is only available for US users and it it is loaded with all DUI attorneys across all 50 states.

The cool thing about this app is, you don’t need internet access to find an attorney or a law firm in your local area. All the data is accessed locally. To find an attorney or a law firm in your local area that practice criminal law, just enter your state two letters abbreviation i.e CA for California or GA for Georgia and also enter your local city i.e San Jose for CA or Atlanta for GA and hit find attorney button.

This is a first release and more features and towns will be added as I hear from users and attorneys. If you are an attorney, please help me improve this app by donating what you can afford. I am sure your customers will be more than happy to have the help when they need most at their finger tips.

DUI attorneys in San Jose, CA

Thank you for your support.

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GetSum Math Game – New App for Android Smartphone

GetSum app has been released in the market. It is a fun app for all math lovers and also those people who hate math to their guts. I am sure everyone will enjoy this game and get a chance to sharpen your brain. The app is for all ages, kids and adults. Actually my kids love this app very much. Every time they get hold of my phone, they go right to the game.

There are two options to play the GetSum game. The first option is a Learning mode where the timer for each level is set to 10 minutes or 600 seconds. You can take your time to brush your math skills while you exercise the brain.

The second option is Challenge mode where the levels are set to 2 minutes or 120 seconds time limit. The whole point of this game is to test yourself and see if you can beat your last highest score. This is where your brain get really tested.

How to Play GetSum
You can choose any level to play at any time. You do not have to meet any specific score before you advance to the next level. Whenever you start playing any level, the game displays the last highest score for that specific level, the range of target SUM you will trying to GET, working box with initial number you can start with to find the given target SUM, and a countdown timer.

To find the given target SUM, follow this simple example. Assume you start at level 3, the given target SUM is 587 and the given initial number to work with is 0. There is too many ways to reach the target SUM value. Here is one way to reach 587:

Simple Example

  • Drag 6 to a + sign to make 0 + 6 = 6.
  • Drag 5 to a X sign to make 6 X 5 = 30.
  • Drag 5 to a X sign to make 30 X 5 = 150.
  • Drag 4 to a X sign to make 150 X 4 = 600.
  • Drag 9 to a – sign to make 600 – 9 = 591.
  • Drag 4 to a – sign to make 581 – 4 = 587.
  • The target SUM value is reached.

Once you match the target SUM value, you will score 10 points and if there’s time left the game will give you another target SUM value to calculate.

The GetSum app is currently available in Android market for free. Hope you will like it.

Here’s market link for GetSum:

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