Pick a Deal – Customize Deals and Coupons You Receive

November 26, 2012 Zaidi Android Apps

I just published a new daily deals Android app, Pick-a-Deal in Google Play this week end. What is Pick-A-Deal? Pick-a-Deal is an app that gives power to users by letting them personalize what kind of deals, promotions, or coupons they would like to receive. For example, if a user is interested in buying a new […]


android deal appapp for couponsdaily deals appdaily promotion

SharedPreferences Between Applications

September 27, 2012 Zaidi Android Development Tutorials

On my last post, I wrote about SharedPreferences Between Activities and how one activity can retrieve persistence data saved by another activity on the same application. But what if an application needs to access some sort of data stored in SharedPreferences from a totally different application? That’s what I will cover today. Also, I will […]


mode_privatemode_world_readablemode_world_writableshared preferences between applicationssharedpreferences mode parameter

Shared Preferences Between Activities – How to Retrieve Values

September 25, 2012 Zaidi Android Development Tutorials

It can be tricky or frustrating when your application needs to share data between two or more activities in a very simple way. I am saying this from my own experince especially when I started developing Android apps. Soon you will realize how simple it is to store strings or numbers and retrieve between activities. […]


retrieve sharedpreferences valuessharedpreferencessharedpreferences between activities

How to Hide the Title Bar in Android

July 4, 2012 Zaidi Android Development Tutorials

How do you hide the title bar on an application in Android? I have seen this question over and over again. As a developer, you must use the small screen size very wisely when laying out your app. Yes, new phones come with a bigger screen size nowadays but still you need to make sure […]


android window managerhide status barhide title barremove title barwindow feature custom titlewindow feature no title

How to Create Scrolling TextView in Android.

June 28, 2012 Zaidi Android Development TutorialsAndroid Layouts

On my last tutorial, I showed you how to create drawable background in Android using XML. Today I will shift gears to show you how to create an app with a scrolling TextView across the screen. Not exactly sure why you would do that but hey, there are so many ideas out there and scrolling […]


android ellipsize marqueeandroid marqueeRepeatLimitandroid scrollHorizontally trueandroid singleLine truescrolling animation textscrolling textview android

Monetize Apps | Best Ad Networks to Monetize App

June 22, 2012 Zaidi Android Apps

Monetizing an app is a challenge many average developers face everyday. Either they don’t know what mobile ad networks to go to or they are frustrated with the payout they get. There are many mobile ad networks out there that you can sign up to monetize your app. With few apps I have in the […]


ad networksAdMob ad networkAirPush ad networkbest ad networkicon adsLeadBolt ad networkmobile ad networksmonetize apppush notification ads

How to Create Drawable Background in Android

June 20, 2012 Zaidi Android Development TutorialsAndroid Layouts

Did you know that you can create drawable background in Android? I bet you didn’t?¬†Creating drawable as background can make your life very easy. As you all know, compared to iPhone, Android devices come in different screen sizes not to mention fragmented operating system. If you are planning to use an image as background in […]


android radiusandroid rounded cornersandroid shapexml drawable background

How to Customize Displayed Text on Return Key | Android Input Method

June 16, 2012 Zaidi Android Development TutorialsAndroid Layouts

The “Action” text displayed on the return key or enter key in Android soft keyboard can be customized with different action values using IME or android:imeOptions in your XML layout file. Some of the action values that. I am sure you have come across especially when entering text in EditText widget are “Next”, “Go”, mirror […]


action event keyandroid ime optionsandroid imeOptionsandroid input methodcustom input methodime action event

How to Display HTML Content in Android

June 12, 2012 Zaidi Android Development Tutorials

To display HTML content or browse a website in Android you need to use WebView widget which is packaged in Android WebKit. Depending on your application, you can develop a very powerful app with impressing functionality. Here’s a simple example on how you can use WebView in your Android application. First, lets create an XML […]


android loadData()android loadUrl()android webkitandroid webviewdisplay html androiddisplay html webview

Traffic Officer – Road Rage Android Game

May 26, 2012 Zaidi Android Apps

    Traffic Officer is a new Android game that is now available for Android user with phones that support android 1.6 to 4.03. Panic is not an option when playing this game. Although the game gives you a real time adrenaline rush, you will need to stay focus to keep all the drivers calm. […]


android gameangry driversbad driversroad ragetraffic officer

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