Muddy Candy Android Game – Free Candy Game

Muddy Candy Android game was totally developed using LibGdx platform. The game can be downloaded for free from Google play with no country restrictions.

Muddy Candy Game
Muddy Candy Game

Why LibGdx?

LibGdx is a cross-platform game development platform. It can be used to develop games for Android, iOS, HTML5, and desktop as target platforms. I have found LibGdx to be a very easy and straight forward platform for everyone who wants to develop android game.

Also, if you have been using other game engines, you will not be disappointed by LibGdx. Another reason why I like LibGdx is, you can develop 2D or 3D games and its ability to integrate with other game physic like Box2D and Scene2D for game user interface.

Other great benefits of using LibGdx platform is its ability to integrate with third party services. Admob, Google Mobile Ads, Swarm and Google Play Game Services integrate seamlessly.

How to Play Muddy Candy Android Game

The idea behind Muddy Candy Android game is to collect candies by tapping it before it is halfway immersed in the mud. There are regular candies that worth 1 point, super sweet candies that worth 2 points, bitter and hot candies that worth -1 and -2 point/s if collected.

Muddy Candy has 4 levels namely Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. For “Easy” play level, if you miss 10 percent of the candy, you lose the game. In other words, if you successfully earn 11 points and missed 2 points, you lose the game.

Subsequently, for “Normal” play level is 5 percent, “Hard” play level is 1 percent and “Expert” play level is 0 percent. You miss one, you lose. The game also save player’s high scores for each level. The scores are saved locally and can be accessed from the game’s main menu.

Muddy Candy Android Game - High Score Screen
High Score

This is my second game released in the last 4 months. In February I released a quiz game, Freeway Quiz that let a player name major freeways/highways that connect cities in USA.

Download Muddy Candy Android game from Google Play today and let me know what you think. I am not LibGdx expert but if you have a question, I can try to help you. I can answer your questions or point you to the resources I have used to develop this game.

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