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Monetizing an app is a challenge many average developers face everyday. Either they don’t know what mobile ad networks to go to or they are frustrated with the payout they get. There are many mobile ad networks out there that you can sign up to monetize your app. With few apps I have in the market today, I have signed up with several ad networks that I am fully satisfied with. It does not cost any mone and you can simply sign up today and start making money right away.

Before I start you might ask, “Is it necessary to have more than one?” My answer to that question will be resounding, Yes. The reason is very simple and you should always remember this, “Never keep all your eggs in one basket”. Now I have answered your question, here are my most profitable ad networks.

LeadBolt Ad Network

Very easy to integrate into your app. You can display different ad format depending on app layout as well as device screen size. LeadBolt ad runs Cost Per Click (CPC) as well as Cost Per Action (CPA) ads. Both CPC and CPA offer high paying amount if users take action by clicking the ads, fill out forms, call a phone number or provide email address depending on what type of an ad they are presented in that moment. The other thing that impress me about LeadBolt is their high fill rate. It it always above 90 percent.

The standard payment schedule is monthly. To receive your payment on the 15th of the month for the previous month, you need to submit your payment request seven business days before the 15th. They refer this process as Net 15. To be eligible for Net 15, you need to have a minimum of $100 balance in your account. If your balance is below $100 or you did not submit payment request seven business days before the 15th, your balance will roll over to the following month’s payment. LeadBolt pay through PayPal, Wire or Payoneer.

Creating LeadBolt account as a Publisher or Advertiser is free. Try LeadBolt ad network today and let me know your experience.

AdMob Ad Network

AdMob ad network which is now owned by Google is one of the great mobile ad network that has been around since the inception of mobile ads. I started using AdMob about two years ago to this day without any problem or disappointments. Since taken over by Google, the network has improved in many different ways. Compared to two years ago, the fill rate range between 98 to 100 percent most of the time. You can literally intergrate AdMob SDK in your app in less than 30 minutes. The SDK instructions are very easy to follow and you need less than 10 lines of code, you are done.

The ad format AdMob offers is mostly 320X50 banners that display at a set rate in your app. AdMob Mediation is another cool tool that has been introduced recently. What this tool does is, if you have account with other ad networks that are currently supported, AdMob Mediation will serve ads from these networks. Doing so you can drive traffic from specific country or region or even from a highest eCPM network.

Earnings base on Cost Per 1000 (CPM) impressions. The more impressions you have, the more you make depending on that day effective Cost Per 1000. Payments are processed the first week of each month if your account balance is $20 or more. Any accumulated earnings that are below $20 rolls over to the following month. As a publisher, you can receive your payment through PayPal, ACH or Wire transer if you are outside US.

AirPush Ad Network

AirPush ad network was my first ad network that uses Push Notification Ads, Icon Ads and AppWall. The idea was new to me but I was really impressed with the revenue I was getting compared to other in-app ad networks. AirPush also pays on weekly basis if your earnings are over $400 a week which is big deal for developers rather than waiting 30 to 90 days. If your account is below $400 weekly balance, your payment will be processed at the 30th of each month as long as you meet a $50 threshold for the previous month. The payments are sent directly through ACH, Wire or your PayPal account.

Developers are paid on a Cost Per 1000 impressions (CPM) basis. You might wonder how they define CPM on Push Notification Ads and Icon Ads? Don’t worry. Anytime an ad is pushed to a device it counts as an impression. For Icon Ads, impressions are on new SDK installs basis. Very simple and it makes a lot of sense. Some users do not like these types of ads but from my personal experience, these types of ads a non destructive compared to in-app ads especially when you are playing a game or reading something. You can easily integrate AirPush into your apps by following their step by step instructions after downloading the SDK.

If you are looking for ways to monetize an app or best ad networks that offer higher CPM or CPC, try them and see the results for yourself. Just remember the golden rule, “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”. That’s all I have for today and you can find more about each mobile ad network from their sites.

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