Mobile App Idea Move In Special – Current and Future Renters

This mobile app idea will let current renters who live in an apartment connect and refer anyone who plans to rent the same apartment and share move-in special monetary reward accordingly.

How I Came Up With This Mobile App Idea?

A while back I was able to make a total of $900 by referring two people I knew to rent where I was staying. I made $600 from a friend of mine and $300 from someone I knew after giving him half the amount. 

At the time, the property manager was running a move in special giving away $600 any referral from current residents. T this date, there is no any mobile app that I know of that connect current resident and future ones.

Every month, people move in and out where you live and most of them are not your friend or people you know. So, what if there is a way to connect with those people and make money on the other end? After all, they will probably be your neighbor.

App Main Features

Communication needs to be this app’s main feature. It will make the whole process much easier without sharing too much personal information. The only downside I see is, in order to receive the credit, current resident needs to share his or her first name so that future resident can mention on first visit.

Also, in order to find current residents who are are willing participate, future residents can share top 3 apartment choices in their list . Future residents will also be able to get a real time review about the property in addition to online ones.

How to Monetize Mobile App

The easiest way to monetize mobile app idea is to make it free and place ads from ad networks. This mobile app idea is no different from many free apps on Google Play or Apple Store. That is only one approach. On the other hand, this mobile app idea will be a win-win situation for all parts involved because users will be able to make money.

Can You Steal This Mobile App Idea?

Stealing app idea is not something that happens often. Most people don’t share their app idea unless the second part agrees to sign an NDA. For this one, you can take and run with it. With no action, it is useless. If you work on it and make a fortune, please remember me!

Good luck and I am curious to hear from those who have developed.

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