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Few weeks ago I was excited after receiving a free copy of “LibGdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook” from Packt Publishing to review. Written by David S. Marquez and Alberto C Sanchez, they both seem to have a very good understanding of LibGdx framework. What made me so excited is the fact that, the timing was just perfect. At the time, I was working on my second LibGdx game that will ready for release in few days. I will give more details about the game but for today, let me say why this book helped me so much on the game I am working on.

I have read few other books on LibGdx game development plus online tutorials but what stands out the most in this book is its structure. The book cover more than seventy five real examples recipes that can help you understand each topic very well and be a master in 2D game development using LibGdx framework. If that’s not enough, you can literally implement some of those recipe’s concepts into your game.

One area I was struggling with in my current game that I am working on is 2D animation. The book covers this topic in a simple to understand approach. It does make a novice or experienced developer who is trying LibGdx for the first time feel confidence enough to work on his/her own game project. Both authors have done a really good job on each recipe/topic.

2D animation is not the only recipe that is covered in depth in this book. If that is the case, it will be silly for me to waste my time as well as yours writing about it. With 576 pages, the book has 13 chapters, where 12 of them cover each and every aspect of game development using LibGdx framework. Other recipes covered by this book are working with 2D graphics, font rendering, different inputs and events handling, audio and sound, use interfaces, performance and optimizations, and integrating third-party libraries with LibGdx, just to name a few.

I really like the way both authors end this book. The last chapter which cover the most critical topic after all your hard work talks about how to release your game to different platforms. LibGdx support different platforms that’s why it is becoming very popular to newbie and experienced game developers. If you are looking for a LibGdx book, “LibGdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook” is the one to get. It is one complete book that covers from how to set your LibGdx game development environment to how to release your game on different platforms. The book is available in both hardcover and digital format.

Till next time, good luck in your current or next project. In the meanwhile, stay tuned to my about to release LibGdx game.

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