Job Application Manager Android App – Your Job Application Status At Your Fingertip

Job Application Manager Android app is a free must have job application organizer for all job seekers who are actively looking for jobs. Job search and sending in application is a time consuming process and very stressful.

To most job seekers, after applying for a job, the waiting game starts with a million questions going through their mind. Here are some of the questions:

  • How many people have applied for this job?
  • With this many applicants do I have a chance?
  • Has anyone got called in for interview?
  • How do I prepare for the interview?
  • Has anyone received a job offer for this position?
  • Has anyone accepted a job offer for this position?
job application manager
Job Application Manager

Those are just few questions that bring stress and anxiety level high especially when a job seeker is desperately looking for a job. This app, the Job Application Manager that anyone can get from Google Play for free is going to address some of these question.

Why Download Job Application Manager Android App?

The name, job application manager android app speaks for itself. It is a job application organizer app that can help any job seeker manage or organize his or her job applications in a very simple way.

By installing job application manager app in your android phone or tablet, you will be able to get answers to some of the questions we all have after sending in job applications. Here are some of the this you will be able to do with the app.

  • Shows the total number of applicants who have applied for the same position.
  • You can update your application progress along the way for this position.
  • View other applicants’ application progress for the same position.
  • Rate and share your experience every time you have a job interview
  • Update your application progress if you receive a job offer.
  • See if any other applicants have received and/or have accepted a job offer.
  • Most of all, you can reduce your stress and anxiety level during this time.
job application manager status
Job Application Manager Status

Job application manager app will be able to answer most of the questions or lack of communication most job seeker are looking for. So if you are actively looking for a new job, job application manager app is the app to get today.

Organize all your job applications in one place and fill some communication gap between a job seeker and prospect employer. Also, the cool part about job application manager app is, you can encourage applicants during this time.

Again, if you are actively looking for a new job, download Job Application Manager app today to help you organize all your job applications.

Good luck in your job search.

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