Home Buying Checklist App- Create, Compare House Features and More

Introducing Home Buying Checklist App, a free Android app for anyone who is looking to buy house. As a new home buyer, one of the challenge I faced when I was looking to buy a house was, I did not have a way to create one master checklist for all open houses I visited.

Create house feature list using home buying checklist app
Main App Functions

Who is Home Buying Checklist App For?

The Home Buying Checklist app is for anyone, especially first time home buyers who are looking to buy a house.  You can create the list of features and amenities you want or need in a house.

Once created, your master checklist can be compared against features and amenities of any house you are interested in. This makes house hunting more efficient and helps anyone who’s in the market to buy a new house find a house of his or her dream.

Why is Home Buying Checklist App Important?

One of the early step in to buying a house most real estate experts recommend is to have a list of wants and needs in a house. Home Buying Checklist App do just that and MORE like,

  • You can create a house shortlist you are interested in.
  • Each house in your shortlist is associated with the same checklist.
  • Compare each house in your shortlist against the checklist.
  • Add a question you might have respectively in your shortlist.

Get Checklist App and Create House Feature List Today

Like all my personal tool apps I have created before, this app is free and available to download from Google play today. New first time home buyer, current home owner or previous home owner, this app is for you.

My goal is to make this app the best, so please do not hesitate to give your honest feedback. I have few more ideas what I can improve to make it better but I would like to hear from you too. Also, I will appreciate if you take a minute to rate it too.

Please download the app today and I guarantee you that it will be a great tool during the whole home buying process. It is an overwhelming experience and I wish you nothing but best of luck so that you can find your Dream Home. Good luck!

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