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GetSum app has been released in the market. It is a fun app for all math lovers and also those people who hate math to their guts. I am sure everyone will enjoy this game and get a chance to sharpen your brain. The app is for all ages, kids and adults. Actually my kids love this app very much. Every time they get hold of my phone, they go right to the game.

There are two options to play the GetSum game. The first option is a Learning mode where the timer for each level is set to 10 minutes or 600 seconds. You can take your time to brush your math skills while you exercise the brain.

The second option is Challenge mode where the levels are set to 2 minutes or 120 seconds time limit. The whole point of this game is to test yourself and see if you can beat your last highest score. This is where your brain get really tested.

How to Play GetSum
You can choose any level to play at any time. You do not have to meet any specific score before you advance to the next level. Whenever you start playing any level, the game displays the last highest score for that specific level, the range of target SUM you will trying to GET, working box with initial number you can start with to find the given target SUM, and a countdown timer.

To find the given target SUM, follow this simple example. Assume you start at level 3, the given target SUM is 587 and the given initial number to work with is 0. There is too many ways to reach the target SUM value. Here is one way to reach 587:

Simple Example

  • Drag 6 to a + sign to make 0 + 6 = 6.
  • Drag 5 to a X sign to make 6 X 5 = 30.
  • Drag 5 to a X sign to make 30 X 5 = 150.
  • Drag 4 to a X sign to make 150 X 4 = 600.
  • Drag 9 to a – sign to make 600 – 9 = 591.
  • Drag 4 to a – sign to make 581 – 4 = 587.
  • The target SUM value is reached.

Once you match the target SUM value, you will score 10 points and if there’s time left the game will give you another target SUM value to calculate.

The GetSum app is currently available in Android market for free. Hope you will like it.

Here’s market link for GetSum:

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