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English to Swahili with Audio Android App
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It is more than a month now since I have released a free English to Swahili app. This app is way better than my earlier release that happened last year. Most people who downloaded the first app, liked it very much. The only one thing they wish I could improve was to include audio so that they can hear exactly how to pronounce the words in Swahili.

I heard your concern! The new English to Swahili app now includes audio. You can hear exactly how to pronounce Swahili words from a native speaker. The app is totally free and is only available to Android users. Also, the app includes ads that help support my resources and time dedicated on this project. If by any means you do not like the idea of ad supported apps, I have a clean Learn Swahili Pro with the same content that is also on Android market for only $1.49.

What’s next? I am finishing up the next update for both apps and I will release in the near future. More content will be added that will show you how to make short sentences in Swahili so that you can expand on what you have learned so far. Also, if there is something specific you would like to see in this app, please let me know in your comment and I will go through it and work on it in the future updates.

Hope you will like it and don’t forget to rate whichever app you pick.

Download a free Learn Swahili Now with ads or buy Learn Swahili Pro for Android.

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