Dumb Cats Android Game – Free Fun Android Game

Dumb Cats android game is a fun for everyone and it is available on Google Play for free. It is a “one level beat your high score” type of a game. This cats game is simple but annoying that I have developed using a very popular LibGdx framework.

On my last post on Libgdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook book review, I hinted that I was working on a game. By the way, this book came at the right time and was an important resource during my final development stage.

dumb cats android game
Dumb Cats

How to  Play Dumb Cats Android Game

The idea behind Dumb Cats android game is to make sure each falling cat lands on its four feet. To rotate the cat, the player needs to tap the screen. If the cat is not on its four feet by the time it reaches the zebra crossing, the game ends. At this point you will be able to see if you beat your old high score.

Here’s a sneak peak video on how to play the game.


Dumb Cats Android Game in Action

As I said, Dumb Cats android game is simple, annoying, hard and irritating. Beside all those challenges, everyone will have fun playing the game. After playing several times, you will soon realize that it is very hard to beat your last score. Different strategies like tap speed, quick to restrain from taping plus whatever skills you might have might help improve your score in a long run.

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