Don’t Shoot the Pig – LibGdx Framework Game

Don’t Shoot the Pig is a simple and fun Android game available on Google Play for free. The game has three levels, Easy, Normal and Hard. Each level has its own challenges that may seem easy but also can be difficult to overcome.

don't shoot the pig
Don’t Shoot the Pig

Don’t Shoot the Pig – How to Play

– The animal face targets will be moving every second or less. Animal targets in Don’t Shoot the Pig include Pig as the main character, bunny, puppy, cow and a cat. To play the game, just tap anywhere on the screen to shoot. If you wait too long before you shoot, the bullet will have no effect once the target moves.

Don’t Shoot the Pig Video

Game Levels

Easy Level

– This is the entry level. You can shoot any animal target except the Pig. Each animal you shoot is 1 point. To unlock or advance to normal level, you will need at least 100 points in this level.

Normal Level

– Normal level is a little bit harder than Easy level. To play, you can shoot any animal target except Pig and Bunny. Each animal target you shoot worthy 2 points. You need 200 points to advance to the next level.

Hard Level

– To segregate your targets in this level becomes very limited and challenging. In other words, it is below 50%. You can only shoot 2 animals out of 5. You cannot shoot a Pig, Bunny or a Puppy. Each animal you shoot is 3 points.

I hope you will enjoy the game!

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