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How to Create Scrolling TextView in Android.

June 28, 2012 Zaidi Android Development TutorialsAndroid Layouts

On my last tutorial, I showed you how to create drawable background in Android using XML. Today I will shift gears to show you how to create an app with a scrolling TextView across the screen. Not exactly sure why you would do that but hey, there are so many ideas out there and scrolling […]


android ellipsize marqueeandroid marqueeRepeatLimitandroid scrollHorizontally trueandroid singleLine truescrolling animation textscrolling textview android

How to Create Drawable Background in Android

June 20, 2012 Zaidi Android Development TutorialsAndroid Layouts

Did you know that you can create drawable background in Android? I bet you didn’t?¬†Creating drawable as background can make your life very easy. As you all know, compared to iPhone, Android devices come in different screen sizes not to mention fragmented operating system. If you are planning to use an image as background in […]


android radiusandroid rounded cornersandroid shapexml drawable background

How to Customize Displayed Text on Return Key | Android Input Method

June 16, 2012 Zaidi Android Development TutorialsAndroid Layouts

The “Action” text displayed on the return key or enter key in Android soft keyboard can be customized with different action values using IME or android:imeOptions in your XML layout file. Some of the action values that. I am sure you have come across especially when entering text in EditText widget are “Next”, “Go”, mirror […]


action event keyandroid ime optionsandroid imeOptionsandroid input methodcustom input methodime action event

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