CakeDC Users Plugin Install Tutorial – CakePHP Application

Do you have CakeDC users plugin install problems? Here’s the solution. Currently, I am working on a CakePHP project. The project requires user management system for registration as well as capable to log in before they can access or perform some actions. Before I decide to develop my own system, I came across CakeDC Users plugin which has very good feedback from many CakePHP developers. On the flip side, new CakePHP developers struggle with this plugin when trying to install into their application.

Here is a simple and straight forward solution on how to install CakeDC users plugin. It is a step by step installation guide that I have used on my current project am working on. I hope you will be able to follow and get you going right away. I am working on a Windows XP environment using WAMP server. Also, I will be using cake console to create users table but I will not cover how to set up CakePHP console or shell. Setting up CakePHP console tutorial will be covered in the near future.

CakeDC Users Plugin Installation and Setting Up

  • CakeDC Users plugin requires PHP 5.2+, CakePHP 2.X, CakeDC Search plugin, and CakeDC Utils plugin.
  • Download CakeDC Users zip file from Github. The zip file is located at the right hand column.
  • Create a ‘Users’ folder in your app plugin folder located at [project_name/app/Config/Plugin/[Users folder goes here]

    Application Plugin Folder
    Application Plugin Folder
  • Unzip the CakeDC file and copy its contents into the Users folder created above.
  • Download CakeDC Utils and CakeDC Search plugins. These are requirements for CakeDC users plugin.
  • Create ‘Utils’ folder and ‘Search’ folder in your app plugin folder, [see step 2 above] at /project_name/app/Config/Plugin/
  • Create users table using cake console.
    1. Open command prompt – Start->run->[type in ‘cmd’]
    2. Change directory to your app folder – cd [your drive]:\path-to-wamp-www\project_name\app

      Change path
      Change Path to Project App
    3. Create users table, path-to-project\app>cake schema create users –plugin Users

      Run Cake Schema Create Command
      Create CakeDC Users Table
    4. Follow/answer questions
    5. Done. CakeDC users table created.

CakeDC Users Plugin Routes and Loading

Open your application routes.php file and paste the following code

CakeDC users routes
Declare CakeDC users plugin routes

Open your application bootstrap.php file and load all the plugin

Load CakeDC Users
Load CakeDC Users plugin

To open register page on yor browser, go to localhost/project_name/users/register.

CakeDC Users Add Page
CakeDC Users Add Page

To open login page on yor browser, go to localhost/project_name/users/login

CakeDC Users Login
CakeDC Users Login Page

That’s it for today. If you have given up before, I guarantee you that if you try this easy to follow CakeDC Users plugin installation guide, you will have your CakePHP up and running in no time. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to address them.

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7 Responses to CakeDC Users Plugin Install Tutorial – CakePHP Application

  1. Drukson says:

    i followed ur tutorial but while in CMD thay create schema is not working. It says cake is not recognized as inetrnal or external command.

    So how to go about it?

  2. Keith Power says:

    The path to add a user in this tutorial is incorrect. If you look at the screen shot it is actually users/add or in my case it is users/users/add

  3. Shegar says:

    Similar tutorial about installing cakedc comments plugin will be more than helpful.

  4. iqra says:

    Hi, thats a really good tutorial. I have done all the steps you define here but when i want to access users or login I came up with an empty page. I have not write usersController explicitly do i have to write or not?

  5. Mateo Sheaffer says:

    I’m having the above problem listed as well.

    “RegisterController could not be found.”

    Its been most confusing and I have yet to find a solution for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Chhaihong Srun says:

    Plz, help me!

    Error: Users.RegisterController could not be found.

    Error: Create the class RegisterController below in file: /Users/hong/Documents/Site/CakeDCUsers/app/Plugin/Users/Controller/RegisterController.php

    class RegisterController extends UsersAppController {


    Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/View/Errors/missing_controller.ctp

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