Accept Credit Cards Payments by iPhone, Android or iPad

Accepting credit card payments by phone is no more an issue to home or small business owners. Wether you have a lemonade stand in front of your house, a product booth in the mall or a vendor at the local flea market, you can easily accept customer credit card payment by iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or any other smart phone. You can literally turn your phone into a cash register. As we all know, getting a merchant account through bank can be a pain and most of the time you will be denied.

To solve this problem, few companies have come up with innovative technology devices and apps that I am sure most payment gateway banks don’t like and probably they are doing everything they could to buy them out. Currently there are more than three companies that offer mobile credit card readers and they can help your business accept credit card payments by phone hassle free. Today I ‘m going talk about one device that I have looked at and seen it in action. I am certain this card reader will be able to meet your home or small business needs.

square card reader for iPhone
Square Credit Card Reader

Square is one of the ( if not the first ) device that made credit card payments by phone possible. The device which is a small card reader that plugs into the phone headphone jack is free and very easy to setup. Depending on your phone, iPhone or Android, you need to download the right app in order to use Square. Once the app is installed, you have to turn up the volume since the device is audio based and once you finish the setup, you can start your transaction by typing in item price followed by swipping the credit card.

As mentioned before, Squarre card reader is free. To get started you need to register at their website,, verify your identity by providing your social security number and personal data. If approved they will send you one credit card reader in the mail. I know you are wondering how does Square makes money by giving away a free card reader? You are absolutely right! The last time I checked their website they had 2.75 percent fee for every transaction you perform with no monthly maintanence fee. That’s not too bad deal compared to traditional merchant account from banks.

The other cool thing about Square which I believe is a way forward is the ability to pay your favorite shops or cafes without carying your credit card. To be able to do that, Square has created a business directory that is accessible to account members and all you have to do is link your credit card with your account. Every time you shop or dine in one of these businesses or cafes, all you have to do is mention your name and the cashier will be able to charge your account without you pulling your credit card..

Now you have it! Wether you have a lemon stand in front of your house, a vendor at a local flea market or a small family business in your neighbor hood, you can easily accept credit card payments by getting a Square card reader. Next time I will introduce another card reader to give you more options. So stay tuned!

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