September, 2012

SharedPreferences Between Applications

September 27, 2012 Zaidi Android Development Tutorials

On my last post, I wrote about SharedPreferences Between Activities and how one activity can retrieve persistence data saved by another activity on the same application. But what if an application needs to access some sort of data stored in SharedPreferences from a totally different application? That’s what I will cover today. Also, I will […]


mode_privatemode_world_readablemode_world_writableshared preferences between applicationssharedpreferences mode parameter

Shared Preferences Between Activities – How to Retrieve Values

September 25, 2012 Zaidi Android Development Tutorials

It can be tricky or frustrating when your application needs to share data between two or more activities in a very simple way. I am saying this from my own experince especially when I started developing Android apps. Soon you will realize how simple it is to store strings or numbers and retrieve between activities. […]


retrieve sharedpreferences valuessharedpreferencessharedpreferences between activities

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